Karagöz And Hacivat Museum Detail

Şeyh Küşteri, considered to be the pioneer of the turkish shadow play, Hacıvat and Karagöz's memories are symbolized in Bursa. The Yogurtlu Baba Dergahı on the Çekirge Street, thought to be the oldest cemetery of Bursa, was converted into a memorial grave in 1950. Relief glaze tiled sculptures of Karagöz and Hacivat were made on a symbolic curtain situated in a large concrete platform. Behind the monument, there are three simulated tombstones. Located just opposite the monumental tomb, the Karagöz Museum features a cultural center where traditional events are held as well as traditional shadow plays. It is Turkey's only Karagöz Museum, and Karagöz shows are performed regularly. Opened in 1997, the museum exhibits traditional Karagöz figures from the private collection of Şinasi Çelikkol and ethnography works of Turkmen and Yörük villagers with figures of puppet and shadow plays gathered from various countries.


Kayıhan Mah. Kirişçikızı Sok. No:5, Osmangazi