Kayhan City Hotel About

The statue is the historical center of Bursa. Historical buildings, mosques, tombs, fountains and local people, artisans, towels, knifers, jewelers, silversmiths who have lived with traditions for thousands of years ... In the heart of the Great Mosque, right in the extension of the historical Koza Han and next to all the attractions, Uludağ Offering a service experience right in the middle of the historical atmosphere leaning on, Kayhan City Hotel provides peaceful accommodation with its modern lines. You will be refreshed with unique services offered by kind people. Kayhan City Hotel, in the heart of the historical center of Bursa, our hotel that offers its quality is happy to welcome you with the target of 100% customer satisfaction. Our hotel, which aims to be perfect, provides the historical Bursa experience. It offers an extraordinary and wonderful accommodation service in the city. Located in the inns region, our Hotel offers a unique experience to our guests with its dazzling interior design and modernity. Ulu Mosque, Grand Bazaar, Cable Car, Tram, Koza Han, İpek Han and other Inns, Osmangazi / Orhangazi Tomb, Tophane Clock Tower, Green Tomb, Panorama 1326 Bursa Conquest Museum, City Museum with its location within walking distance. we believe you will not forget. Disabled rooms are also available.


We aim to provide the highest quality accommodation experience to our valued customers. In this direction;

Legal Requirements

Respecting the dominance of legal regulations and provisions in all our product and service rules, we act in accordance with National and International Laws and other relevant laws and other conditions that are obliged depending on the structure of the institution.

Safety of Our Stakeholders and Investing in People

All our memories are our most precious possession.

The health and safety of our employees, servers and even all our files is our priority. We provide continuous training to all our employees to increase health and safety awareness, risks are constantly reviewed, and we follow and target technological targets for risks arising from the requirements to be achieved.

All structures have freedom of thought and belief, and we do not consider houses such as host language, religion, race, gender, social, class, age and union cells. The protection of human security is our basic regulation.

Guest Satisfaction

Our guests are the reason we exist. Following up on all guest suggestions and complaints from all kinds of sources, resolving complaints in accordance with ethical behavior guidelines, and informing the customer transparently about this issue, they manage to turn their complaints into opportunities for themselves.

Respect for the Environment and Conservation of Natural Life

Adopting the commitment to protecting the natural environment as a principle in all our activities and using our resources in the most efficient way, we are sensitive about ensuring the effects of environmental pollution, making our waste amount harmless by recycling the components and the generated ones within the scope of zero waste, protecting climate change and protecting biodiversity and the environment.


We aim to continuously restructure our energy performance by using our energy resources in the most efficient way in our hotel.

Food Safety - Hygiene

In order to provide service in accordance with the Food Safety lines, we continuously improve the food safety management system throughout the food chain by keeping the hygiene conditions in the foreground.

Support to Local Economy and Sustainability

We are aware of our contribution to the local economy, 80% of our suppliers and raw materials for these products are local. For sustainable tourism, we make less energy, water, waste, producing, environmentally friendly purchases.


Kayıhan Mah. Kirişçikızı Sok. No:5, Osmangazi